About Me

Deepti Mahmud About Me LustrecrushHello! My name is Deepti and I’m a 20 year old fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger based in Chicago, Illinois. I created this blog in December 2017 as a way to express myself and document different aspects of my life. In my spare time, I enjoys reading, binge watching TV shows, and spending way too much money shopping and trying new restaurants.

I also love to travel. I’ve been to over 30 different countries and hope to document my future travels on this blog — while trying my best to be fashionable, of course! I’m still in the process of developing my own style¬†(does the process¬†ever end?) and taking risks with fashion, beauty, and the like. I grew up reading fashion blogs, fashion magazines, and watching endless YouTube videos and I’m finally making the plunge to create some content of my own. Thank you for checking out my blog and make sure to follow me on my different social media accounts!